Crystal's TG Captions

Crystal's TG Captions

The princess allowed the men to drink her breast milk. The more the men drank the more their bodies morphed and contorted into the female form. The subjects who completed the transformation would live in a life a luxury in the mansion, the only caveat being that they reproduce for Queen Stefanic during their stay and feed the knights with their own milk.


The former men at Bikini Beach suntanned their new bodies for more then just tans. With the oils they had rubbed on each other they all made their changes irreversible.

Repopulation research and development.

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Clarissa had given her husband the empathy pill without him knowing. It was supposed to turn and morph the male body into a female one. It wasn't powerful enough to fully take away his penis, but all his fat and muscle moved and molded itself into a female form. The genetic effect would undo itself after 120 hours and the body was supposed to go back to it's original form. The inexperienced couple were at hour 155 and nothing had abated. Rick had to get to work tomorrow to finalize a deal, but they were having trouble hiding his femininity.

"Stop laughing, you're the one who gave me the drink" thought Kevin.