Crystal's TG Captions

Crystal's TG Captions

Rachel had purchased some exotic baby oil at Spells R' Us in the mall. She was supposed to take a lukewarm bath with it and soak for no more then two minutes. The old man told her that it would make her skin as soft and feminine as a pampered princess. She never expected Rodney to use it when he arrived home from work. He usually took thirty second showers. She was watching TV when she heard a high shrieked scream from the bathroom. She ran in looking down at Rodney...was it even him?
"Rachael...what's going on" asked Rodney, sounding like a twelve year old girl. Rodney had been in the bathroom for at least twenty long had he soaked?

L a t e r T h a t N i g h t
Rachel lay with Rodney in bed. Not only did he sound like a young girl, but he had reverted to the mindset of a teenager and a ditsy one at that. "Yeah, but like, I'm totally gonna pop out of my shirt if I wear your clothes tomorrow. We have to go shopping!!! Oh my god, that sounds like so much fun." said Rodney.

The two men who transformed earlier in the week and became accidentally impregnated today didn't know each other, their only bond was the witch who cursed them at the bar. Jessie had switched bodies with his girlfriend overnight. Initially they were terrified, but as time had gone on they decided to get see what sex on the other side was like. Jon on the other hand had been transformed at the witch's home and kept captive. At the end of the week she had released a parasite that entered deep into his vagina and started to grow.

The two former men had both lost races to the Spells R' Us Wizard. They weren't happy about their new life path, but at least they both got to work with cars in some fashion.

Tommy had been tricked into wearing the medallion, now he would have to force a straight woman to fall in love with his new female self to change back.

Vexx employee Janice left the Chinese aphrodisiac flower on Melissa's desk every morning. Over the course of Alex's undercover work the chemicals in the petals would make him progressively hornier until he couldn't help but find release. After that the ill fated plan to steal all of Vexx's R&D would fail miserably.

Steve's Handler was trying to force his new female body into a g-spot orgasm. The female feelings of pleasure that Steve was experiencing trumped anything he had ever felt as a man. When he got into this final doggy style position it was all too much for him to resist and he bucked his hips and screamed in a frenzied orgasm.

It was early in his photo-shoot and Eric was already nervous. After the TV network had switched his gender he hadn't been allowed to touch or feel his body during the filming of the contests. Now here at the end he was waiting for his Handler to arrive and try to bring him to orgasm. He would either leave tonight returned to his male form and a millionaire or trapped in this exaggerated female body for life.