Crystal's TG Captions

Crystal's TG Captions

A Pledge Too Far

The two former frat brothers laid with each other in utter relaxation. The drink had changed their bodies almost instantly. The relaxing aphrodisiac would put the two of them into a state of half sleep, half sexual frenzy for the next five hours while the inner changes completed.

"My god!" shrieked Paul, "the shower only made everything bigger!"

Jason looked down his body. What a trip. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. The jiggling of his breasts, his new soft mound of flesh, it was all too much. His girlfriend was being very understanding after the accident, not only had she stayed with him, but she was now trying to show him how to hone and use his body.

Queen Forever

The amazon women had chosen Terry as their new queen and child giver and they would not let him escape easily.

Modern Sculptor

Jason could feel Rich concentrating on his breasts. He knew that he had enough serum left in him to make his new chest grow at least a cup size or more by the pressure.