Crystal's TG Captions

Crystal's TG Captions

Literally On The Fence

He had lost the race and the bet. How was he going to prove his identity trapped in this body? Would he get used to these new movements on his chest?

What should have lasted 24 hours would now be a lifetime. Kevin had taken the risk and had unprotected sex. He had become pregnant from his sexual encounter. His genes would now be permanently spliced into this female form since he was with child.

Kevin paced through the apartment. How much bigger could he get? Some of his former stomach fat had actually moved downwards over the course of the week and filled out his ass. He wasn't actually pregnant with a child, but instead filled with a protein liquid that needed to ferment in his new womb for 5 five months. "When I 'ripen' he thought, I'll be able to use my breast milk to switch the gender of anyone that drinks of me...and they'll pay millions!!

Physically feeling his new ass expand and bulge was very disconcerting to Justin. He knew he didn't have anything that would fit over his ass out in public except these tiny shorts. He felt like a slut at the moment, but he didn't want the whole world to know.

Casey had misread the vial. He drank the entire contents of the potion instead of one drop like he should. Not only would his breast growth continue through the night his ass would expand four times over and his new vagina would turn him into a sex starved bimbo.

Jessie tried to speak to his captor but he was having trouble forming a full thought's worth of a sentence. "Stooop change plea...moooo!!"