Crystal's TG Captions

Crystal's TG Captions

What looked like nipple rings on Josh were actually interfaces with the alien computer. Each night he had to hook into the technology while more changes were administered.

The three boys didn't have any idea how unprepared they were. The other team of newly transformed females had found the Sybian gun already.

The two male best friend were new best girlfriends. They had been taken into the spaceship together and put back on earth in their new home after the operations.

The four contestants were about to begin the competition. Carl had lost the first round of trivia and would be the first to be eaten out.

John continued to transform while he lay in bed. He could feel his hair actually getting longer and his breasts kept puffing out more and more rapidly. Was that his womb he could feel forming?

One hour had become two days in Scott's transformation blunder. His friend had convinced him to read the spell and pretend to be his girlfriend during the dinner party. Scott had no way of knowing at the moment that he had gotten himself pregnant and stuck in his new body by getting drunk and having sex with his friend.

After Brad's father had gone so far in debt the mobsters had taken him as payback. He was injected with a serum and put under a hot purple light until his body had started to expand and morph. They hadn't treated him poorly, but now it was time for him to start making them money at the brothel.

Jimmy pushed down on his growing breasts. There wasn't anything he could do to stop the changes as they coursed through his body. How was he going to walk from the bathroom back to his room without his sisters spotting him?

Tim and Kevin slammed together over and over. The first one who would orgasm would lose the bet. The only way they would make it out this predicament was to continue pumping.

Sebastian didn't like being a spy for his coach, but it was the perfect plan. He had injected him with a serum that would change his body for one year. In that time he had to get close to and date the quarterback on the other team. If they could get the playbook it would all be worth it.

Daniel stared into the mirror and at his new female body. The transformation didn't hurt like he thought it would. It was more a mixture of pleasure and nervousness. He stared into his eyes knowing all the women he would have to sleep with in order to get the required effect on the election. He could see all their faces and the task ahead of him. Political espionage was never an easy game to play.

The two worker drones molded and shifted Brad's new body into existence.

Jacob lay passed out on the ground. The effects of the misfired spell were too much for him to handle. Having misread the final quote he was in for quite a surprise in a few hours.

The werewoman Xavier had infected Jeff exactly one month ago. Now that the cycle has begun again they are bonded forever.

"Do you see this?! I don't have tits and I don't want tits. I did my part to trick the lawyers, now do yours. I don't think I can take the jiggling and looks anymore."

The original group of men that took part in the gene therapy experiment posed for Maxim's cover. All the men had adjusted to their new life as well as could be expected.
The five men had come to the woods so they could better understand their better halves. Their wives had sent them on a weekend of male bonding.  They all would take the genome pill  and experience life in the woods as females. The effect was temporary, lasting only 96 hours. Once home the wives would have entirely more empathetic husbands.  The only risk to the whole project was that if the men got pregnant while they found their emotions they would be stuck in that body for life.


Eddie and Rich tried to remember what it was like to actually be themselves. They were fully under the effects of the spell now. Thoughts of undoing the transformation and escaping were slowly getting replaced by giggles and gossip. Not only were they forgetting how to think, but a primal need for sex was consuming all their thoughts.

Alex took a picture for posterity sake. He would be in this teenage female body for just under 48 hours and wanted to document it. He would have to infiltrate the cheer-leading squad fast and find Rebecca, the known lesbian. If he played his cards right he could change back and gain possession of the blueprints.

Everything had happened so fast. It seemed like only moments ago Bud and Lenny had decided to crash the sorority initiation. Now they had been locked in two lush female bodies. They would continue to make each other cum for another seven hours. Every once in a while their male egos would break through and they would stare at each other in horror of their fate.

Hiding Under Pink

Pete and Howard had been going at it for 14 hours. They had to have a fail proof disguise and this was it. The experimental pill they had both taken changed their bodies as they gave each other pleasure. They needed to look completely female. If anyone suspected them of the scam job they had pulled they could get killed. The only caveat was that they had to avoid a g-spot orgasm while transformed. That would lock in their gender changes for good.

2 Scientits

Selencia, one of the most practiced sorceress in the land, looked at her newest toy with delight. Rick had turned out to be a bombshell. The sex they would have would be mind blowing and the breast milk that was produced from 'her' orgasms would provide the witch with even more magic energy.

Jessie forced himself on his opponent. He didn't know who this man used to be, all he knew was that he had to force him to orgasm first, or be forced to become stuck as a female and his sex slave to boot.

Beach Bimbos

Reality T.V. has come a long way since Survivor

Marissa was shocked at the picture Josh sent her. She had thought that the potion would only move around his muscle mass and fat to help his disguise. But it looked as if he was a full fledged woman.

Becoming Mother Nature