Crystal's TG Captions

Crystal's TG Captions

Logo's Newest Show

Kara, formerly James, hugged the other contestant, Josh who was now Jaime. They had bonded over the course of the reality show. They had both been transformed info females on day one. Today's final challenge was simple. They would be injected with a reversal antidote at the same time. The antidote activated once a full body orgasm was achieved. The first contestant to switch back to a man would be declared the winner. He would receive a five million dollar payday and be free. The loser got trapped in the overly feminine body forever. They would get help from the company with a identity change, and help setting up the basics like an apartment and female classes(makeup tips, etiquette, etc). The loser would have to work for the company for a year as a stripper as she paid off her debt for losing and learning how to live as a female. After the loser's year was over with the company they would make sure she was financially stable and set her free.

Karma Always Wins

John stared at the wall in disbelief. He knew
he was stuck like this forever. He decided he
would embrace it as much as he could and
start a new life. The idea of the name Jennifer
sounded alright to him. Now, how was he going
to get a new identity, some money, clothes, and
a place to stay?
He knew the obvious answers, but was hoping
that he could think of something more creative.

Cursed Gift

A Dimensional Shift

Nick grabbed at his new breasts through the shirt. He felt instant waves of pleasure. That seemed to spark a second growth spurt. He felt his jeans start to tighten around his hips and ass. As if not to be outdone his new breasts started to grow again as well.

Always Read The Directions

All four of the men transformed after drinking the potion. Unfortunately for Clint he drank a quadruple dose of the Gaia Extract. His fellow adventurers would return to normal after the mission, but he was going to be stuck like this forever.

Sudden Changes

A Tricky Raise

Eric yelped as the spell forced his ass and hips to widen and swell. He could hear his bones cracking and popping all through his body. As the spell worked its magic Eric became very nervous about the business at hand. He had never had to seduce anyone before, let alone his boss.

Katie looked down at her boyfriend Jeremy. It was just this morning that she had wished on her Grandmother's ring that Jeremy gain a better sense of empathy toward what it was like for her to have a female body.

"How am I supposed to sleep with these weights on my chest?" whined Jeremy.

Katie was trying to adjust her feeling towards this new female boyfriend she had. She didn't want to alarm him, but she had already wished on the ring to turn him back and nothing happened, in fact the ring had broken when she tried.

First Time Werewoman

Anthony felt his hips snap and shift as they widened. The reforming of his bones had been the most unpleasant part of the transformation so far. In a moment Anthony would feel his clit form and come to life, something he was wholly unprepared for.

A New Life On All Fours

Tim stayed on all fours in the bathroom. As the transformation finalized his new vagina spasmed hard and fast in an intense orgasm. While his body was racked with pleasure a warm milky substance started to drip from his nipples. His mind was a wreck. As he moaned in his new feminine voice, all of his willpower to stop the effects of the potion evaporated.

Never Trust A Witch

Shana the Sorceress knew exactly what she was doing. Jacob had been her apprentice for a summer, but she grew tired of looking at him. She wanted to spend her days training a prettier student than he. She tricked him into putting the cursed dress on and now all she had to do was sculpt his new female form. As she lay on top of him she could will more and more of her feminine features into his flesh. She didn't intend on stopping until his breasts became equal to hers. With time she hoped she could convince Jacob to forgive her and become lovers. If not she would turn him into a sex starved bimbo.

Beware Of Cursed Clothing

As soon as Jeff put on the shirt from Spells R' Us he felt his body start to transform. He hadn't expected any of it, he regretted now not listening to the wizard's instructions. His breasts started to form immediately. His nipples began first, turning puffy and spreading across his chest. His new bosom took around twenty minutes to swell to completion. As his ass expanded and his vagina started to form the only thing that Jeff could think of was what he was going to say to his girlfriend when she got home from work.